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Palazzo Vecchio
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Ein besonderer Tag in Florenz mit Mittagessen

Historischen Zentrum von Florenz
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Stadtrundfahrt am Nachmittag mit Eingang zum Uffizien ohne W...

Bilder von Venedig
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Ganzer Tag Einfache Venedig: Rückfahrt mit Bahn + Vaporetto...

Über Florenz


Florence, located in the beautiful region of Tuscany, central Italy, is one of the most historic cities in Italy, worldwide acclaimed for its mix of History, Culture and Arts. Florence was a prominent city for trade and commerce during the middle-age and the renaissance and it is actually considered the birthplace of the Renaissance which gave her the nickname of “the Athens of the Middle Ages”. From the 14th to the 16 century, Florence was deemed to be one of the most important politically, economically, and culturally, cities in Europe (from the Encyclopædia Britannica). The historic center of Florence was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it’s visited by millions of visitors each year.

Florenz: Karte, Kurzinfos und Klima

Weather in Florence is a mix of a humid subtropical and a Mediterranean climate; usually Summers are hot with moderate or light rainfall and Winters are cool and damp, snowfall is rare and there isn’t really much accumulation. Since Florence sits at the base of 6 hills, the city is not subjected to sea-breeze and other winds so during the summertime the temperatures can rise even 5 to 10 F higher than in other close-by regions.

Public transportation is comprised of a bus, tram, and light-rail network. Single ride Tickets and unlimited Passes are available to purchase at any local newsstands. The main Railway Station, is Santa Maria Novella which is served by local and regional trains, as well as national high-speed trains TAV (similar to US Amtrak Lines) which give direct and fast access to cities like Rome and Venice, as well as other local towns of Tuscany.