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Mittwoch Publikum
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Papstaudienz jeden Mittwoch Morgen

Panorama Blick auf Assisi
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Ganztagesausflug nach Assisi

Neapel und Pompeji von Rom
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Ganztagesausflug nach Neapel und Pompeji

Vatikanischen Museen
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Rundgang durch die Vatikanischen Museen und der Sixtinischen...

Über Rom


Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the oldest and most iconic cities in the whole world. With a population of a little less than 3 million is also the most populated city in Italy, and the 4th most populated in Europe by concentration.

Rome, a World Heritage Site, is one the oldest cities in Europe; its history covers over two and a half thousand years; not surprisingly Rome is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization and its nicknames are the Eternal City and the Capital of the World. The city rises on Seven Hills called “Colli”, originally, this area was inhabited by a mix of Latins, Etruscans, and Sabines, later it became the most prominent city of that time as the capital of the Roman Kingdom, then the Roman Republic and last the Roman Empire.

Rom: Karte, Kurzinfos und Klima

Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate with cool, humid Winters and hot, dry Summers. During the winter-time, snowfall is rare and generally without accumulation; in the Summer average temperatures reach 85 F (30 C) with humidity set around 75%.

Rome features a Public Transportation system comprised of a tram, bus, urban train and metro network. The metro system is currently under expansion and as of now it features 3 lines that connects the outskirts of Rome to Piazza del Popolo and the City Center. The main train Station is Termini Station, centrally located in Rome, and that connects the capital to all other major Italian cities and other towns of Lazio. The new high-speed Trains TAV (similar to the US Acela Lines by Amtrak) will now connect Rome to Milan in 2.5 hours.